Sigma S1 Alu Ground Mount Kit Calculator
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Panel length
Panel width
Panel wattage
Project information
Wind region
Tilt angle
Panels per rows
Number of arrays
Method of Install
Project Summary
Tilt Angle: Module Wp: Total kWp: No of Tables
Total No of Modules: No of Rows: 2 Module per Row
Bill of Materials (BOM)
S-Rack Article Number
Length (mm)
Qty / unit
Total Qty[pcs.]
Spares [pcs.]
Qty Including Spares [pcs.]
1 01-001 C-Post 150x70x14x3.5mm 3750
2 806-0473 Hex head bolt M12x25
3 003-106 Flat Washer M12
4 003-108 Flange Nut M12
5 02-100 Girder Set 125x55x10x2 3395
6 03-100 Strut Set 60x30x3 2015
7 04-006 Module Support 45/75 5000
8 04-013 Module Support 45/75 Inner Connector
9 05-010 Hex Head self-tapping Screw 5.5x25
10 05-034 End Cap 4575 CS
11 05-109 Grounding lug
12 05-137 Adjustable End Clamp 30-40mm CS
13 05-116 Grounding Module Mid Clamp 30-45mm
Table Details
Post/Pile per table pcs
Maximum cantilever from first/last Pile* 750 mm
Panel clearance height 600 mm
Module Clamp Gap 19 mm
Actual post span mm
Table length mm
Pile Embedment Depth* mm
Purlin segmentation pcs
The following sample drawing is for illustration only.
**Cantilever from centre of last pile to end of purlin
*Please refer to Page 5 of the RMA certificate to confirm minimum embedment depths as per foundation type